I never really read the Transformers UK comics where this guy was one of the more utilized characters. In the UK comic he was a Decepticon leader who got to possess the Matrix. This was enough to get my attention. Anyway, my formal introduction to this character was in the pages of the IDW miniseries STORMBRINGER. In it, Thunderwing was "re-imagined" as a sort of semi tragic character who forsees the impending doom of Cybertron and secretly develops a way of surviving the coming catastrophe, the pretender shell. Unfortunately, he prematurely experiments on himself and basically turns him into an all powerful killing machine w/c takes both Decepticon and Autobot forces to defeat.

Anyway, I really dug the designs that Don Figueroa whipped up for this re-imagined Thunderwing (what's new?) so I figured that this would be a great way to commemorate my 100TH model set. So here you have it....Thunderwing! I took some liberties since my two basic references (the comic itself) and Don's initial design sketch differed in some ways so I had to either make up my own details of come up with some compramises. In any case, it's fairly faithful to Don't design so I hope you guys like it!