Ok, first thing's first, let me be the first to point out, YES, my skull is NOT anatomically correct...i a nice 3D reference of a skull, but for the life of me I just couldn't get I gave up and made Blaster and company...but then I really wanted to add to my Decepticon ranks...and aside from the bases (Trypticon, Scorponok) or more gestalts..there weren't many more major Decepticon individuals that I haven't done...or that I'd LIKE to it was back to Bludgeon. I decided well..screw my reference and so I designed this skull "on the fly" with no reference other than what was in my head. It was hit or miss...but in the end I came up with a demented demonic skull that I was quite happy with. Hope you guys like it. The rest was...easy :)

As for the robot, I tried to stay pretty faithful to the toy with regards to the details...although I did change one thing....the tank canon....I deceided to just place it on his arm....insteadof making it a handheld weapon (looked too big) anyway, I thought it looked cooler that way.