When I made my first set of minibots, they marked the first time that I actually incorporated joints and poseable hands in my models. They were still rather crude but were a major improvement on my first batch of models. Anyway, when I decided to redo these guys, I decided to up the ante again. I have majorly updated the joints and "generic parts" like mid arms and such and I think the finished result speaks for itself. In the future I intend to make more generic parts with slight variations. It should speed up my modeling process :)



Don't really have much to say about the bee. You either love him or hate him. PErsonally I think he's a bit over used, but well....he IS a major charcter in the mythos and all. And my original version sucked and I am quite happy at how my new version turned out. Unfortunately I had to compramise a bit and give him those ginormous shoulder pads. I hope nobody minds too much. It was either that or having the entire back portion benc backward like my first model. I think this looked better.


I liked this guy, aside from being voiced by the legendary Casey Kasem, he was hilarious! I loved the fact that he was SO cocky, bordering on being delusional. Imagine what on earth made him think that he could take on STarscream (or was it Thundercracker?) one on one. I love it when he got his ass kicked and was thown and bounced right off Brawn's chest (or something like that?) ANyway, he made good television :)


Brawn was my favorite. I love the fact that he was a minibot BUT was one of the strongest of the original Autobot earth crew. I LOVED that scene where he was hiding in some ditch and Prime came rolling by and he tossed him! ROCKIN! ANyway, It sucked though that he was portrayed in the DW comics as an ass though...anyway, with regards to the new model, I also had to take some liberties, and decided to make the sides which in the toy become the legs jusy sty on the back. Makes him look like he's carrying the world on his back though...but oh well, he can handle it :)