Gears was one of those characters that never really registered on my radars...I was rather indifferent to the character. Just another minibot with a tacky color scheme and well, a so-so personality. Then I read his profile from the MTMTE series from Dreamwave and I immedeately warmed up to the character. He reminded me of this hilarious charcater from SNL, Debbie Downer...someone who always finds the "bad" in everything and is constantly playing devil's advocate...anyway, I thought it was hilarious and made making this guy more fun.

Also, looking back, my original model of Gears sported probably the MOST HORRENDOUS face/head I had ever made! I remember spending so much time on that....I can't believe I actually thought it looked good. Oh well...I hope I've fixed that problem with my new model.


Here's another character who didn't get THAT much face time in the original series. So again, don't have really much to say about him. I thought it was cool though that he had his own unique ability....the whole magnet thingee...unfortunately, they killed him off in the movie. Oh but then they gave him his own Alternator version I believe...the only minicar to get one so far so that has to be good :)


He's probably the least favorite of the minibots....whether it's his dorky looking transformation, his whiny attitude, his whiny voice in the cartoon, or simply his lame name....he didn't get many fans. ANyway, the cartoon had him sport these dopey looking "goggles" which I copied in my initial model. As dopey as they looked, I personally felt it was these goggles that made him look unique. So I decided to keep them in my new version....although I updated them a bit. Ithought it came out cool :) what do you think?