Mirage is another favorite of mine. Hence he was the first of my models to get a "V2" treatment....and because of this, of all the V2s I've made, his version was the crudest. So It was only natural tahat I gave him the appropriate "V3" treatment. Biggest change is that I made his alternate mode more realistic. NOtice the differences with my older versions below.

Anyway, since I was working on a new version of Mirage, I decided to make his War Within version as here it is. Looks cool enough :) FInally, the reason I like this character a lot is well because he's interesting....he's been identified as an Autobot not QUITE convinced with teh Autobot cause sort of the Autobot version of Thundercracker. Anyway, it just adds another interesting dimension to his character. So I just had a little fun and recolored my model to reflect a more sinister Mirage, had he decided to switch allegiances.